Ahsania Mission Children City(AMCC)

In Bangladesh most of the cities and towns particularly the metropolitan cities, have been witnessing the phenomenal growth of the unfortunate slum children over the last three decades. The most vulnerable children (MVC) are mainly parentless or one parent due to broken families of either divorced/separated or abandoned by families and have become abandoned, homeless, shelter less, ill-fed, ill-clothed and devoid of parental care. They are often run-away from homes due to domestic violence, family conflict, poverty, over population, unemployment, family feud, divorced parents (either father or mother alive), river erosion, rural-urban migration due to chronic poverty, floods, droughts, cyclones, rosy dreams and lofty hopes of better job opportunities in the city centers.

An estimate shows that about 3.18 million children of age-range 5- 7 years are involved in works for their survival with meager income that is not enough for having two square meals a day. Having no shelter, food, education, healthcare, social security, parental care, they are subject to be involved into odd jobs like garbage collector, street vendor, porter, begging and other hazardous works for their mere survival. Some of them become victims for trafficking camel jockey in the Middle East countries, child pornography and such other social crimes and illegal activities. Because of such helpless and disadvantageous situation, they are sometimes being used as agents of unlawful political activities either forcefully or on monetary benefits, bomb-making & bomb-throwing, arsoning, looting and burning street vehicles and peoples properties.

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