Ahsania Mission College

Ahsania Mission College (AMC)

Ahsania Mission College (AMC) was established in 2002 with a dream to demonstrate the model of an institution of human development through quality education. The year 2009-10 has been eventful towards achieving the founding goal of the college. Some vital activities of the session 2009-2010 are depicted below.

The academic activities of the college are divided in three terms. Two monthly tests are held in every term. The duration of the first term is from 1st January to 30th April, the second term is from 1st May to 19th August and the third term is 20th August to 31st December .The final result of the students is prepared adding 25% marks from first and second terminal examinations and 50% marks from final examination.

In 2009 the government decided to hold the completion examination for class Five. 47 students of class Five of this institution appeared at the examination and 43 of them got First Division and 4 got Second Division. Among them four students got talent pool scholarship and four students got scholarship in General Grade.

In 2010, 40 students appeared at S.S.C and 16 students appeared at H.S.C exams.11 students got A+, 23 students got A, and 6 students got A-grade in S.S.C. The percentage of passing was 100%. In H.S.C exam 6 students got A, 7 students got A- and 3 got B grade. The percentage of passing was 100%. It demands to be mentioned here that no student in S.S.C and H.S.C failed in the last four years.

The annual sports and cultural function was held at the end of the month February 2010. It should be mentioned here that in that competition the boys and girls participated being divided in 12 groups. 3 events were held in each group. 216 students were awarded prizes. An occasion for giving away prizes was held at the end of the month May 2010.The prominent national figure, the President of DAM beautified the occasion as the chief guest and the winner students were fortunate enough to receive prizes from his hands.

The college was being run with the primary approval of Dhaka Education Board. The college got its temporary recognition in 2009 because of the cordial measures taken by the college management.

Before the session 2009-2010, the college was being run by an Administrative Committee. The Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka District chaired the post of the chairperson. With the initiative of the Principal and active support of the college management it is now run an organizational level committee. As a result on 2.9.2009, the college got permission to form its own committee and the President of Dhaka Ahsania Mission has been selected chairperson of the college management committee.

A wide-spread publication was made in the session 2010 for the students’ admission in this college from class One up to class Twelve. The total number of the students in the college is 843.