A new chapter Apps-based Teaching Learning methodon Distance Learning started KAAP-UUP project in the Education Sector of DAM

The King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Program of Education Services for Upliftment of Ultra-Poor Slum Dwellers project (KAAP-UUP) of Education Sector of DAM explore a new chapter on education delivery for OOSC. To enhance the quality of education delivery and to develop the capacity of teachers App-based Tablet for teaching-learning has been provided to Primary and secondary teachers on 31 January 2021. After giving the tablets,an orientation on apps-based teaching-learning method has been organized for Teachers and Staffs at project Field Office at Mirpur, Dhaka.

General Secretary of Dhaka Ahsania Mission Dr. S M Khalilur Rahman and Chief of Education & TVET Sector are in the Orientation Program

On the occasion of the opening session Coordinator Basic Education Shaheen Akhter says thatthe moment is very expected. We have arranged the device to enhance the quality of education and distance learning. Through this ICT device teachers’ capacity would be built and its impact will be found in classroom. We will help our learners to show them the new educational contains to make them knowledgeable. It will help us to improve our confidence and educational knowledge.

Coordinator Monitoring and Evaluation Sk.Shafiqur Rahman tells that this device and orientation will help us to enhanceteaching-learning approach. This is the positive side for us that we are developing ourselves by using technology.

Project Manager of Education Services for Upliftment of Ultra-Poor Slum Dwellers project Md. Modasser Hossain Masum says in his speech, this is a special initiative for this project. We thought that, how will we maintain the teaching-learning in this pandemic. We know that you have arranged the learning teaching by using your personal mobile and using different internet devices. This is the first time in the non-formal education system to the root level using the digital device.

Chief of Education and TVET Sector advice to add the device in budget line to ensure quality education and distance learning. It was an amazing decision to improve the quality of learning. He also says we will learn a new concept of education and the methodology of the education system. We will show the educational content to our learners and the parents.

Chief of Education & TVET Sector and Project Director of KAAP-UUP Project attend the at the closing ceremony of the orientation and give his valuable advice and motives all the participants. Chief of Education & TVET Sector Says “we are trying to reach the community with Apps. We have to increase interest in learning. How we will effective the teaching-learning for the learners the responsibility goes to you. If we succeed then we will replicate the other projects of DAM. You are the pioneer so you can encourage us to replicate the Apps based program to the other project.

Respected General Secretary of DAM Dr. S M Khalilur Rahman also gives a surprise visit to the orientation program. He says in his speech “Without any further information we like field visit. We enjoy the visit the project activities. Particularly I wanted to visit the project and wanted to share the activities. Especially UCLC’s is very much familiar with the DAM. I feel good to talk to you.
DAM has provided the online teaching-learning trainingto the teachers and the staffs. Now it’s giving the result. We have tried to keep ourselves on to the basic principle. We try to evaluate the experience. We have distributed relief to the field of different project area. Dhaka Ahsania Mission also works out of the project boundary of DAM. I hope in future we will keep our good work together.

Ex-Director of Agriculture information Services DilAfroj also was present in the program. She thanks the participants for the orientation. She expects a good effort from the teachers and exploring the information to the mass level.

After the discussion session, the device handover to the teachers and unwrap the devices. This is mention that teachers already receive training on distance learning and immunity and COVID 19 response. Coordinator Monitoring and Evaluation demonstrate the participants of using the device and its caution.

There are 34 teachers and 20 project staff participate in the orientation through maintaining the health safety. Mention that “The Education Services for Upliftment of Ultra-Poor Slum Dwellers Project funded by the King Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation (KAHF).