A 4-day training course on Basic Counseling Training for the Paralegals and Others

Training and Material Development Division (TMD) of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has been developed and implemented a 4-day training course on ‘Basic Counseling Training for the Paralegals and Others’, for IRSOP Project GIZ-Bangladesh. The training started from 16 October 2016 in BARC Learning Center (BLC) Rajshahi and end on 19 October 2016.

Background of this Project

Ministry of Home Affairs and the Prison Directorate of Bangladesh are jointly implementing a project titled Improvement of the Real Situation of Overcrowding in Prisons in Bangladesh (IRSOP) where Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is providing technical assistance through PNGO. The project addresses the issue of overcrowding and reoffending in its working areas. The overcrowding happens because of slow judicial process, inadequate legal services and lack of coordination among the relevant agencies.


Main objective of the training

After receiving Basic Counseling Training, trained Paralegals and District Project Officers will be able to make effective communication with prisoners on trial; persons detained in police stations, courts; children and adults, common people, witness and persons accused in court, and be able to provide support in providing legal aid assistance. Paralegals and Rehabilitation Supervisors will be able to play important role in rapport building between PNGO staff, Department of Jail and other related people.

The Basic Counseling Training for Paralegal, DPO and DO PASS has gone successfully. First day, welcome reception has been given with flower and sweet to each participant. We enjoyed a lot with the participants having full of learning and fun. Most of the participants were very involved in the process of session learning. And that makes us more confident to hold the scheduled courses later. We tried hard to make the participants satisfied and comfortable. However, to make everyone equally comfortable is a hard job, still we have taken care of our best to provide good learning environment as much as we can with the resources that we have.


The feedbacks which the participants were provided during earlier training have been taken care of with most possible way. Course expectations and fears of the participants which we have taken on the very first session has been reviewed at the end and we found their expectation and fear were met nicely. We are very much confident that we can manage the learning environment as much as we can. The support that GIZ has provided was appreciable and we gained lots of benefit for that.